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Podcast Episode #03 (SAY Sí)

DJ Nicholas Rodriguez   SAY Sí: Nicolas Rodriguez Interview Slick Nick: Slick Nick here, here at SAY Si. I am currently with SAY Si Alumni instructor Nicolas Rodriguez. Hey Nicolas! Nicolas: Hey how’s it going. SN: Doing pretty good. All right let’s get into it. Nic here is gonna tell us about the program of…

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Podcast Episode #02 (Alamo City Studios)

DJ Anthony Hernandez [Anthony]: Alright hello KSYM this is Anthony Hernandez reporting from alamo city studios and i am here to interview with Director, Writer, Producer & CEO of Alamo City Studios Kerry Valderama. [Kerry]: Hello [Anthony]: Alright so kerry what made you want to go into the entertainment industry [Kerry]: I think i always…

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Podcast Episode #01 (The Paseo del Rio Association)

DJ Josh Avila My name is Josh Avila I’m with the San Antonio College KSYM radio station I just had some questions for you regarding The Riverwalk. If you can let us know a little bit about yourself and how you are involved with the association please. So my name is Paula Schechter I’m the…

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